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Which Social Media Sites Should I Use To Promote My Business?

Here's 26 sites to help you decide
Research conducted by Our World in Data reports that the percentage of U.S. adults using social media increased from 5% in 2005 to 79% in 2019!

Make the most of your marketing time and budget by getting yourself on the right site(s) for optimum user-engagement and conversion. Plus, with niche audience platforms opening up be sure to take time and find out where your audience is engaging most.


This visual platform is extremely valuable to those within creative industries, or in industries with a primarily female user base. Users on Pinterest are actively looking for inspiration, solutions to problems and shopping ideas.

If your product and brand is best served with visuals, then get on Pinterest and in front of users.


Almost every social media marketing plan includes Facebook, and for good reason!

While Facebook’s demographics have shifted over its life, it is still one of the largest social media platforms in existence, with over 2.3 billion active users.


If you are marketing your brand on Facebook, sign up to Animoto.

Creators utilise this tool to create crisp, easy-to-follow videos, taking advantage of the fact that their videos are viewed and shared more frequently than other types of content on Facebook.


Primarily for gaming communities, Discord has become the social media tool of choice for many other users.

It offers a convenient and dependable way to communicate with partners, clients and coworkers in a closed-social platform system.


Buffer is a simple way to schedule posts to a wide range of social media platforms.

With the help of a browser plugin, users can immediately share a page, create a list of Tweets, save images to share later and more.


Now owned by Facebook, WhatsApp has more than 1.6 billion active monthly users.

It’s moved beyond helping families and friends connect to have an entire platform for businesses to set up profiles, chat with customers and deliver customer service.


Many social media platforms have very clear target markets, and Snapchat is a great example. Research by Our World in Data reveals that only 3% of people over 65 use Snapchat, but 73% of people under the age of 25 use it.

Use the stories tool to share new products and start conversations among followers to build your following and increase conversions.


Content is an efficient way to use social media, and Backly makes it quick and simple. While most curation platforms favour the original creator or curator, Backly gives a nod to both.

When you share an article in Backly, it includes a pop-up with your bio and links to your content.

Rival IQ

Many business owners who rely on social media use Rival IQ to compare engagement rates with their competitors.

Finding out which content is converting and receiving the most interaction is the first step; from there, you readily apply those findings to your content.


If you maintain multiple social media accounts for your business, save time by queueing and scheduling posts with AgoraPulse.

It’s helpful for periodically sharing evergreen content and maximising your existing content instead of relying solely on newly published pieces.


What other people say about your brand is just as important—or more important—than what you have to say about it. Brand24 allows company owners to see every mention of their brand on social media for easy feedback and customer communication.

It’s also useful for monitoring mentions of competitors’ names and moving on opportunities where they fall short.


With many platforms now relying on video, the ability to create professional, appealing videos is crucial.

InShot lets content creators easily produce videos in multiple dimensions to suit specific platforms.


Business owners operating on platforms that favour visual content must be able to create eye-catching images on demand.

Canva delivers design tools with multiple templates and formats for some of the most common social media platforms.


Combining social sharing with a focus on high-quality content, Quuu’s platform lets publishers track article statistics.

Creators also benefit from Quuu’s extensive distribution network.


The community aspect of Reddit has lots to offer business owners and creators. Reddit gives access to thousands of subreddits where you can actively engage with users and glean valuable user research.

Try creating a brand-specific subreddit or using Reddit’s advertising tools to try ideas and beta-test new releases.


Steemit is essentially the blockchain answer to Reddit. It utilises the Steem blockchain and pays out for content that goes viral on the platform.

Steemit is a great example of a niche platform with a defined audience.


Compared to its competitors, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Viber is exceptionally business-friendly.

While other platforms have rapidly expanded their business opportunities, Viber already allows businesses to display ads, use stickers to promote their brand and post their products on the platform’s shopping section.


The social media site for people who like to read. Reaching over 60 million people a month, Medium is a trusted content platform that makes it easy to share relatable and insightful posts with a human-element to them to a range of social media sites.

Rather than using Medium exclusively, many people republish content from their homepage onto Medium to reach more viewers or use the platform to externally host their blog content.


Finding the best content is challenging when it’s spread across so many social media sites. Pocket allows you to consolidate your reading and save it for later viewing: an attractive feature you are prone to procrastination.

Easily share articles to Facebook, Twitter and Buffer to help rapidly spread your new content.


Telegram’s focus on user privacy has led to a massive increase in its user base, creating a captive audience for marketers.

Use Telegram to connect directly with consumers and broadcast news and updates.


Unless you track your performance across social media platforms, you’ll struggle to know where to focus your efforts and where to cut back.

The link-shortening feature of Bit.ly enables you to track link performance, figure out where traffic originates from and compare across platforms.

WeChat (China)

If you do business in China, or you have plans to expand there, marketing on WeChat is essential.

Many other social media platforms are banned in China, so becoming active on WeChat allows you to reach an entirely new group of potential customers.

QQ (China)

QQ, another Chinese platform, has over 808 million active users.

It’s easy to set up groups for people interested in your products, share valuable information, post updates and connect with potential customers.

KakaoTalk (Korea)

Korean social media platform KakaoTalk offers multiple ways for business owners to get involved.

Purchase ad space to target your specific groups and create a brand page that offers special discounts to strengthen user brand loyalty.

LINE (Japan)

One of the most popular messaging and social media apps in Asia, LINE reaches users from a wide range of demographic groups.

Connect with users by becoming a LINE Partner, making a paid account, posting exclusive offers and being promoting yourself with LINE stickers.


Currently installed on over 800 million devices, TikToK is a video sharing app that originated in China but has quickly gained worldwide reach. Its main target user group is Gen. Z with most users between 13 and 24 years old.

Work with TikToK influencers to spread the word about your amazing products.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but you should now have a good idea of some of the platforms that are out there and can provide a valuable asset to your community engagement and sales.

For our take on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram read our latest blog post: The best social media sites for business

Published 13 December 2019

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