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Evergreen Content Marketing Integrated Across your Social Media Channels

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Establish authority and expand reach
Evergreen copy is a fantastic addition to a content campaign. It provides a great base of impressions and reach and serves to balance news copy.

Content marketing is a highly effective strategy to generate interest in a brand, an organisation, a product, or a service. Through enriching an online presence with quality type and targeted materials, a business can deliver key insights within their sphere to inform their followers and - over time - establish themselves as an authority. Of course, all the while gently extolling the virtues and benefits of their products and services (minus the overly “salesy” attitude).

Read on for creating unique, targeted, and timeless content that is balanced and integrated with your social media presence.

Evergreen content in action

So where does “evergreen” sit in the content marketing realm? Well, simply put: evergreen content marketing is when online content contains factual, insightful, and highly engaging information that is search-engine optimised in a ‘timeless’ manner. Unlike news, recent events and updates, evergreen content - when done right - should stay relevant for prolonged periods and contribute to increased traffic and leads. That’s not to say that evergreen content can be uploaded and then left to grow new traffic all by itself, unfortunately.

Like all online content, evergreen articles need regular check-ups to review their SEO, keywords, meta descriptions, alt text and everything else under the hood to maximise performance.

Integrated evergreen marketing and social media

Evergreen content works great with social media. While content marketing and social media marketing may be approached using two separate strategies, experience teaches us that an integrated strategy and campaign produces far more effective and targeted results. For instance: pinning, boosting, sharing, tweeting etc. are common tactics that can be used in conjunction with a high-performing evergreen article on - say - your website to drive traffic. Or, alternatively, poor performing content can be trialled on alternative platforms to increase its impressions and reach. Finally, getting influencers on board is an excellent way to promote your engaging and insightful evergreen content within specific groups: new sectors you are aiming to make gains in for one.

Content+social media schedulers are effective at setting posts and planning review periods for enhanced performance of both channels.

When done right, sharing on social media is a great feature to take advantage of and attract a stronger calibre of traffic to your main page. When the balance has been checked and tweaked, you’ll start to see your leads increase and the ROI improve. What is more, evergreen content doesn’t “expire” over time and the information it contains will remain helpful and informative to your audience (although you will need to track the page and update the content from time to time).

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So, evergreen content integrated with social media marketing: check. Now, where to begin?

The returns of an integrated online strategy are highest with thorough and tailored planning.

Getting started

Here are our curated tips on how to successfully combine social media and evergreen content to execute a powerful marketing campaign with highly effective results.

Decide what topics to cover

Consider these focusing questions:

1. What specific audience are you targeting and what primary and tertiary platforms will you upload to? Crucially, decide whether you are producing content for B2B or B2C readers (or both). This will heavily influence what you are writing about and for who. Before you begin, check your value proposition to make sure that your evergreen content campaign is in alignment with it.

2. What trends, interests, and habits does your target audience have? Knowing this will help you decide how you intend to engage readers e.g. users mainly liking & sharing, or clicking through to your site, or spending prolonged sessions at your domain.

3. What type of evergreen content can you create that is original, informative, and insightful? Remember, this isn’t about quickly establishing a content-rich online presence with lesser regard to the quality and originality of the copy. A good place to begin is by producing detailed “how-to”, “an introduction to”, and “what is” articles. These are great for evergreen content as they provide excellent value to your readers. Be sure to keep track of changes and developments within your sector and update the content as and when necessary.

A question of keywords

Start searching for the best keywords to make your content stand out in the hits and search results. There are plenty of online tools out there for researching keyword trends and popularity.


Assuming you are well-versed about the goings on in your sphere, you can use this information to develop and sharpen your niche within it. With well-written articles you can gradually become something of an authority figure. Well-researched, accurate articles builds credibility, so it is crucial to get your facts right and cite credible, trustworthy sources when and where necessary (Wikipedia doesn't cut the mustard).

"Timeless" topics

Since “timeless” pieces are the aim, minimise mention of specific dates, news, trends etc. If you have to mention them, revisit and regularly update the content to keep it healthy. A content and social media scheduler keeps track of what is posted where and when, updates, tracking, and performance data.

Hitting "publish" is just the beginning: updates and performance tracking keep copy optimised and evergreen.

Enhanced presence and niche authority

Evergreen content is an excellent way to enrich and enhance online standing. To achieve this, an evergreen content strategy needs careful planning, and it has to be carried out effectively (including regular check-ups).

Producing evergreen content and integrating it into social media should be a central component of all content marketing campaigns. With specialist guidance and support, a unique and targeted strategy can be created, executed and monitored for optimum ROI, leads, and results.

First Published: 31 October 2018

Updated: 22 March 2019

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