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Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

An in-house effort or an outsourced solution?
Check you are in-sync with your outside help over key points to do your product and brand justice.

There’s only so much time you can put in. Like many of us, you likely find yourself squeezing 25 hours out of every working day: it’s key to consider how to best utilise time. Do you want to pass the hours figuring out the minutiae of each strategy, or, should you focus on what you’re really passionate about?

You have a unique skill set; outsourcing your marketing will likely afford you more time to stretch your creative muscles and put those skills to work where they matter most.

Time or money

It’s understandable: the idea of forking out for marketing is a tough call and may seem unjustified at least at initially. More often than not, it’s a question of time or money — and time usually wins out. Marketing is squeezed into already tight schedules.

Consider for a moment what you lose when DIY-ing the marketing strategy. With short-term savings, you sacrifice a considerable investment. Time is a precious commodity: arguably more so since it cannot be replenished. Furthermore, mistakes cause setbacks and hinder products at market.

This situation is not unheard of and it's been known to end up more costly than hiring outside help from the start. This needs "repair work marketing" and it can be a tricky fix even for veteran marketers).

Overall, it pays to weigh the benefits of productivity in key areas when hiring the talents of a marketing agency for part or all of your marketing campaign.

Remember the old adage: time is money. It works the other way too. The time you spend on marketing is time taken away from leads and sales as well as other key operations. Sourcing a reputable marketing agency and bringing them on board may begin to seem more feasible.

A good method to weigh up and base decisions on is to ask of yourself and your team: "do we have the necessary experience and expertise — as well as time availability — to effectively carry this out?" If the answer is yes, you’re in luck; if there is the slightest hesitation, carefully consider outside help at least in part.

Outside eyes

You know your business better than anyone else, which is exactly why external eyes can contribute to the marketing campaign.

When you’re involved in the creation, development, and daily operations you lack objective oversight. As well as conducting independent research, a marketing agency views your organisation from their outside standpoint: how it is viewed by your target market and keep the strategy on-point. These insights can be used to better position your product.

Marketing is constantly changing. Unless you work in the arena full-time, it’s a struggle to keep up. If other businesses in your field are outsourcing their strategies, you could be losing out on potential customers, clients, and partnerships.

Not only do marketing agencies know what to do, they know the why of every tactic and strategy. You may see other brands utilising certain platforms, and then jump right in with hashtags, posts, and witty updates. But, is this strategy specifically growing your community and helping your online presence? In other words, have you made a carefully considered decision based on core principles, or have you been swayed by the crowd?

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Crafting your marketing campaign

Building a successful campaign is a lot of effort, skill, and intuitiveness. You also can’t let yourself get distracted by a task to the detriment of another.

From budgeting and setting realistic goals, to discovering which strategy work best for your market; everything has to fit right into place to yield optimum outcomes. Then, there's tweaking, analysis, and adjustments. It’s essential to consider whether you have the internal resources to devote to these tasks.

A strong brand built on a solid strategy and a powerful, traffic-driving campaign brings returns. Finally, if your team is tied up with marketing this could spell issues for scalability further down the line.

There are many ways that outsourced talent can help your business thrive including working alongside your in-house team, taking charge of specific tasks, and handling the entire campaign.

There's assistance with everything from initial planning and strategising, to implementation and development, right through to oversight, analysis, and maintenance.

A talented agency will be on your side all the way from start to finish.

Originally Published 8 November 2018 on Medium.com

Reposted here 29 November 2018

Updated 25 April 2019

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