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The Value of a Professional Blog

Updated: May 7, 2019

The benefits of blogging and what one can do for you
Identify and harness key industry insights. Create a blog campaign to broadcast them and you’ll gradually become an authority. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Blogs: many people still imagine casual-style articles packed with personal insights. However, blogs have moved on a lot in recent years to be much more than a place to share ideas, experiences, and musings.

Today, professional business blogs represent powerful traffic-driving tools. Blogs are exploited to grow leads, improve bounce rates, and build healthy, dynamic communities. They form a necessary component for projecting brand awareness and reaching target markets.

Tools of authority

A well-designed and executed blog strategy can set your brand apart as the authority in your field. Furthermore, they allow you to showcase your services and products. Blogs can be used to inform target audiences about possibilities, options, and key factors for consideration as well.

Essentially, they preload the clients' knowledge of your services and assist the sales team. They are an invaluable asset to a marketing strategy. Plus a blog provides a measurable return on investment (ROI) when integrated into the sales funnel.

A well-coordinated blog campaign that incorporates search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) has the potential to deliver significant returns, especially for new and growing organisations. Blogs build buyer awareness, express brand ethos, and highlight company values through a consistent message shared across marketing channels.

Blog management

Developing healthy blog practices takes time and there are some non-negotiables:

  1. Monitoring content performance

  2. Routine updates

  3. Acknowledging participation

  4. Reviewing SEO

  5. Regularly producing new content

A blog is rewarding, but it requires effort. Is it worth hiring outside professionals? An agency can produce the content plus maintain it to free up key staff. Alternatively, a popular choice is to use an in-house content manager to bring the various strands together. Ultimately, if it is a question of money or time then the decision could have a significant impact on your organisation.

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Starting a blog is exciting thanks to templates and hosting tools, but running one can be a different matter. It may quickly turn from a chance to flex creative muscles into a chore to put off.

Of note is that when a company begins a blog, they open a new marketing channel and attract a new traffic stream. Without the means to maintain it, the blog will struggle and if it is generating healthy traffic, a drop in visitors will impact the wider traffic-driving strategy.

Beyond the blog

A blog is a living entity. Regular posts, thought-provoking content, acknowledging comments, and maintenance under the hood (SEO, keywords, alt text, etc.) enable it to thrive.

When your blog is published, it’s time to broadcast it maximise impressions and reach. A consistent message across channels strengthens brand position and builds awareness. Positive community management engages the audience through comments and discussions and further grows a robust following.

Most of all, content is key. Well-written, informative, and insightful content creates the base to get your message out there. It’s well worth getting the first step right, even if it takes time.

Finally, never compromise quality or calibre. A blog sets an expectation among its audience and if this expectation changes, ideally it should be for the better.

Outsourcing your content provides an outside standpoint to manage and maintain professional blog requirements. It gives the added benefit of freeing up core staff for other key matters too.

Originally Published 9 November 2018 on Medium.com

Reposted here 7 December 2018

Updated 26 April 2019

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