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The Best Social Media Sites for Business

Social media is the way to go to expand your brand, tap into what your customers are talking about, and solidify your brand presence.
Using social media efficiently extends your brand’s reach, connects you to your target market in new ways, and establishes you as an expert in your field. Start making your mark now by trying out these platforms and tools.

To effectively utilise social media, you have to know where your audience is. Depending on your target market, that could mean spending less time on some of the larger platforms and focusing on the smaller niche sites. Identify what your audience reacts to and what entices them to follow you to deliver more of what they want.

If you’re about to begin building up your social media brand presence, then find out what resonates with your audience before trying the major platforms below. Use content analysis tools to identify opportunities and social media apps to maximise your engagement (we’ve listed one of each below).


With over a billion monthly users, the picture and video sharing site has substantial pull with users from a wide range of demographics. In particular, it is more popular than Facebook among Generation Z users.

The platform encourages social storytelling, helping you to authentically build your brand. In addition to hosting videos and photos, Instagram helps you reach viewers with:

  • IG Stories visible for 24 hours

  • Instagram Live, which is a popular format for giveaways and Q&A sessions

  • IGTV, which provides a way to host longer videos.

Influencer marketing is incredibly popular on Instagram and worthwhile considering using. You can set up a shopping page directly on your business profile plus gain insights into how people are engaging with your profile and posts.


Nearly two billion people use YouTube every month. The platform streams over a billion hours of video daily. As it has expanded, YouTube has elevated several brands and creators. Video marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with audiences, producing both informational and transactional content, and establishing your brand as an authority.

YouTube is a Google business which gives you access to its advertising platform to boost the reach and results of your campaigns.

Creators also use YouTube to get organic traffic. Thoughtful use of titles and tags naturally increases your views and engagement. Plus, you can embed YouTube videos on your website for optimal page speed and hosting.

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Primarily for those in the B2B sector, LinkedIn allows you to reach out directly to businesses that can benefit from what you have to offer.

When people sign up for LinkedIn, they do so with the intent of finding new work positions or connecting with those in their current industry. As a result, they are likely to use more accurate job titles and workplace information than they would on other social media platforms.

If any of your advertising campaigns focus on reaching people in specific positions, LinkedIn is worth exploring. For outbound campaigns, you can connect directly with the right people and there are plugins to help with exactly this.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger

Topping both YouTube and Instagram, Facebook boasts over 2.32 billion users; that’s potentially one-third of the people on the planet.

Facebook’s purpose has evolved over the years. While it still connects users with high school classmates, business colleagues, and family members, it also serves as a powerful platform for business owners. The site is home to over 65 million business pages and its advertising platform—Facebook Pixel—serves more than six million advertising partners.

Facebook is closely connected to Facebook Messenger and you should decide how much time to invest in each platform. Each has become more distinct and so has its advertising. More than half of the people who use Facebook also use Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has chatbots to respond to inquiries, ads, newsletters, and is a convenient way to engage with people during events. You can install the Facebook Messenger plugin on your website as well. Plus, it captures site visitor details for use in your remarketing on the platform via Facebook Pixel.

Content analysis: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool that helps you get more out of your content. Explore the most frequently shared content, find out which influencers are working with major competitors, and find out what people are saying about brands and topics.

The filters on BuzzSumo let you dig into what is working. It explores the type of content by topic, date and other parameters to help you put your content campaign in perspective.

BuzzSumo is a useful tool to identify content opportunities before you craft new content. It’s a great platform to get ideas and find what pieces have spread like wildfire. Taking a few minutes to research an idea before drafting your next article will likely show you how to better connect with readers.


Venngage is a great tool to produce infographics to share on social media. You can create infographics in three easy steps:

  1. select a template

  2. add charts and visuals

  3. and customise.

Visitors spend more time looking at relevant information-carrying graphics on a website than they do reading plain text, according to eye tracking studies carried out by Nielsen Norman Group.

Infographics are especially beneficial on image-rich social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Creating infographics in less time is a no-brainer, especially when you need to express complex concepts and processes.

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Published 9 December 2019

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